Nosebleed Know-How: Causes, Treatments, And Signs That Should Send You To Urgent Care

8 November 2019
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Nosebleeds often come on suddenly and can be frightening even if you've experienced them in the past. Nosebleeds often stop on their own, however, in some cases, the bleeding can be severe and prolonged. Understanding some basic facts about nosebleeds will help you know which nosebleeds can be treated at home and which ones should send you to urgent care. What causes nosebleeds? Nose membranes that are dry tend to become sensitive and may bleed easily. Read More 

An Overview Of Knee Pain Treatment Options To Discuss With Your Doctor

3 October 2019
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It's difficult to go about your normal activities when you have constant knee pain. When every step you take is painful, you feel miserable, and you may even be unsteady and at risk of falling due to the pain. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help knee pain, whether it's caused by arthritis or a knee injury. Here are some things your doctor might recommend. Knee Injections Injections are often effective when it comes to knee pain treatment. Read More 

Tips For Using Cannabis Before You Fly

4 August 2019
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Many people experience some degree of anxiety about flying, and often look for ways to reduce these feelings. If you get stressed before a flight, knowing that you have a trip coming up can cause a significant amount of anxiety. If cannabis is legal in your state and there's a cannabis dispensary near where you live, you might wish to use some before you fly. Doing so can be effective for taking the edge off, but you need to take a smart approach to using this substance. Read More 

Ways to Coax Your Child to Get a Shot

27 June 2019
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Taking care or your kids may be foremost on your mind. The last thing you'll want your child to endure is getting sick. The ideal way to prevent this is to take your kid to get the necessary immunizations. There are many shots that may be needed during the younger years of life. However, getting your kid to go willingly may be difficult and knowing tips to make this possible are ideal. Read More 

Suffer From A Breathing Disorder? How To Prepare For Your Pulmonary Function Test

22 May 2019
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If you've been suffering from shortness of breath, or your COPD or asthma has been getting worse, your doctor may prescribe a pulmonary function test. This test is designed to test how your lungs function. It can also be used to monitor the treatments you're receiving for your medical condition. If you've never had a pulmonary function test before, you'll need to be prepared. Here are four steps you'll need to take for your test. Read More