Tips For Using Cannabis Before You Fly

4 August 2019
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Many people experience some degree of anxiety about flying, and often look for ways to reduce these feelings. If you get stressed before a flight, knowing that you have a trip coming up can cause a significant amount of anxiety. If cannabis is legal in your state and there's a cannabis dispensary near where you live, you might wish to use some before you fly. Doing so can be effective for taking the edge off, but you need to take a smart approach to using this substance. Here are some tips for using cannabis before you fly.

Use It Early Enough

Using cannabis to reduce pre-flight anxiety doesn't mean popping an edible just before you go through security or smoking a joint in the parking lot. You generally don't want to appear to be under the influence of cannabis when you're about to fly. Even though cannabis is legal in your state, you may have trouble going through security if you appear to be under the influence of something. For the sake of avoiding such hassles, it's better to use your cannabis early enough that you feel better, but that you don't have overt symptoms.

Use The Right Strain And Amount

If you're someone who often experiments with different strains and dosages of cannabis, you should stick with a strain that you've tried in the past. The hours before you fly aren't the best time to try different strains — and this is especially true of those that have higher dosages. Experimenting with different strains can sometimes cause you to experience unanticipated reactions, and some of these reactions don't pair well with air travel. For example, if you feel a little paranoid, the last thing that you'll want to do is go to the airport. It's best to use a strain that you know helps you to relax.

Get Rid Of The Evidence

You don't want to make the mistake of taking cannabis or a cannabis-use device to the airport with you. If you're flying to a state in which recreational cannabis is not legal, you could face problems if you were to inadvertently have cannabis in your carry-on bag or your checked suitcase. If you occasionally keep cannabis in these pieces of luggage, or in your clothing, it's worthwhile to take the time to thoroughly check each article and make sure that any sign of cannabis is no longer present. You can then proceed to the airport feeling relaxed and ready to fly.