Two Ways Home Care Assistants Can Keep Your Family Up To Date With A Loved One’s News

6 February 2017
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When an elderly family member starts to fail in their cognitive abilities, and home care assistance is required to help out with their daily needs, it is easy for family members to feel like they are missing out on aspects of their loved one's life. However, by taking a few simple steps, your loved one's care assistant can make sure all family member remain up-to-date in the important aspects of your loved one's life. Read More 

Using Chiropractic Therapy to Improve Your Fertility

20 July 2016
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Infertility plagues many couples who want one or more children, but the steep cost and invasiveness of traditional medical treatment sometimes makes it difficult or even impossible to pursue a family. But what about alternative medicine such as chiropractic therapy? Although chiropractic care should not be treated as a comprehensive cure for infertility, there are some indications that it may increase your chances of conception, and it should not interfere with any other medical treatments you undergo. Read More 

5 Science-Proven Ways To Speed Up Your Recovery

3 July 2015
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Whether you're a gym hog or an avid runner, adequate and fast recovery from your workouts are crucial. Rather than having to stare at the clock and count down the minutes until you can get your next fix in the gym or out on the trails, here are five ways to boost your recovery: 1. Rock Out to Your Favorite Tunes. When you're trying to get through to the finish line of a tough workout, you may distract yourself with some of your favorite music. Read More 

Pregnancy And Nutrients: Key Dietary Supplements For Expectant Mothers

15 April 2015
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Your body undergoes enormous changes during pregnancy and typically needs some extra nutritional support to stay robust during this stressful time. One good way to obtain all of the nutrients you require is to take dietary supplements. This article examines some of the key supplements women often find helpful while they are pregnant. Folic Acid Folic acid is a B vitamin that plays a significant role in the development of your fetus. Read More 

Three Reasons To Consider Massage Therapy For Your Loved One Suffering From Dementia

1 April 2015
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If you care for a loved one suffering from dementia, you see the pain and confusion they deal with on a daily basis. Dementia is a complex disease that affects so much of an individual—memory, thought patterns, behaviors. What it doesn't affect, however, is their need for basic human contact. Read on to learn more about the benefits involved with massage therapy in the dementia population and why you should consider it for your loved one. Read More