Using Chiropractic Therapy to Improve Your Fertility

20 July 2016
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Infertility plagues many couples who want one or more children, but the steep cost and invasiveness of traditional medical treatment sometimes makes it difficult or even impossible to pursue a family. But what about alternative medicine such as chiropractic therapy? Although chiropractic care should not be treated as a comprehensive cure for infertility, there are some indications that it may increase your chances of conception, and it should not interfere with any other medical treatments you undergo. These are three possible benefits of including chiropractic therapy as part of your overall fertility plan. 

Reducing Stress and Tension 

Research has shown that men and women who experience escalated levels of stress are also more likely to suffer from infertility. Of course, when you are experiencing stress because of infertility problems, this news can be somewhat hard to hear. But while a doctor may not be able to help you with stress, a chiropractor can work through your tensions to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This is typically achieved through therapeutic massage, but you may also find that an improved overall sense of well-being leaves you smiling and laughing more often throughout the day. Often, this simple change alone is enough to overcome fertility issues. 

Improving Communication Between Your Body and Your Brain

Fertility issues are so common because the process of conception itself is so complicated. With so much to go wrong, it is a small miracle that everything goes right as often as it does. For example, certain organs in your brain are responsible for releasing hormones that enable the implantation of an egg. If the nerves from your body cannot communicate effectively with your brain, those hormones may not be released in sufficient quantities. Chiropractic therapy specializes in improving communication along the nervous system by adjusting your spine and joints, freeing up any kinks or blockages that may have developed. This increased efficiency may help you meet the many conditions required all at once for conception to occur. 

Continuing Chiropractic Therapy Through Pregnancy

With any luck and a few regular appointments with your chiropractor, you and your partner will soon be preparing for a family. But there is no need to discontinue chiropractic care once pregnancy occurs. Besides managing the daily discomforts of pregnancy, it has also been shown that women who seek chiropractic therapy during pregnancy experience shorter births and fewer complications on average. If you have been fighting infertility for months or even years with no success, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from trying chiropractic therapy. Talk to your local chiropractic clinic about the options available to you to get started today.