Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Enhance Your Health-Services Facility

21 April 2022
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

As a health-services provider, your focus is to provide your clients with health-benefiting services and treatments. A hyperbaric oxygen chamber is one effective treatment you might be overlooking that you should consider for your facility. If you are unfamiliar with hyperbaric therapy, read on to learn more.

Healing Enhancement

The human body has natural healing abilities, and there are a variety of systems and components within the body that allow this healing to occur. One of these components is oxygen. Ample oxygen to an injured area improves tissue restoration, which helps the healing process move forward more efficiently. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a unique chamber system in which the individual can breathe in oxygen at a rate higher than they would typically intake oxygen. As a result of the increased intake, more oxygen is deposited into the blood cells and, eventually, the body's tissues. 

Inflammation Aid

Inflammation in the body can occur for various reasons, but sometimes, this condition results from fluid buildup in the body that has become stagnant. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help target inflammation. As the individual in the chamber takes in more oxygen, the oxygen helps stimulate circulation within the body. The increased circulation can then target fluid buildup and force it into motion, which can help ease inflammation. This therapy is not a cure for inflammation, but it may provide some relief for your patients. 

Immune System Boost

Keeping the immune system at a peak performance level is vital to help keep infections and other illnesses at bay and keep the body healthier overall. Oxygen is an essential component of accomplishing this goal because it serves as somewhat of a fuel source for the immune system to function. The more oxygen the body has, often the better the immune system is able to perform. For individuals with lower-performing immune systems, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can prove to be especially beneficial in both the short and long term.   

Convenient Access  

Naturally, the decision to purchase equipment is one that requires careful consideration, considering the investment. Fortunately, there is an option to rent a hyperbaric oxygen chamber before you commit. With this option, you can allow your clients to experience the benefits of this treatment option before making your decision to buy one.

Whether you need assistance with learning more about the benefits of this therapy option or you want to discuss rental options in detail, be sure to contact a representative at a company like Next Level Oxygen for further assistance.