3 Important Ways Virtual Doctor Visits Help Manage Your Healthcare

16 November 2021
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Telemedicine has become so common that you may soon have your own virtual doctor visit if you haven't already. Your insurance may even cover the cost of a virtual visit, making it appealing financially and convenience-wise. There will be times you need to see your doctor in person, but a virtual doctor visit is suitable, and maybe even preferred, for a routine follow-up or health check. Here are a few reasons that virtual visits work well for both you and your doctor.

1. You Can Stay Home When You Feel Sick

If you catch a cold or the latest flu going around, you may not feel like getting dressed to go to your doctor. You might feel like medications would help your symptoms, so calling your doctor for healthcare advice and a prescription is an easy and convenient way to get the care you need.

This benefits your doctor too since you can stay away and not spread germs in their office. Plus, it can be easier to squeeze a virtual visit in at the last minute or when the office may be full with other sick patients.

2. Virtual Visits Make Chronic Illness More Manageable

If you have certain types of home medical equipment, such as a blood pressure monitor or blood glucose monitor that sends information to your doctor's office, your doctor can monitor your chronic medical conditions remotely and save you from frequent office visits that may be bothersome for you to keep.

If you have transportation issues or work obligations, it can be difficult to keep frequent doctor's appointments. A virtual doctor visit can be done with a smartphone from any location, although you'll want a quiet place with no disruptions and for privacy.

When you have a chronic illness, your doctor wants to monitor you more closely, and the ability to have a virtual visit makes it much more convenient to see your doctor often, and that could even improve your quality of care if it keeps you from missing visits.

3. Virtual Visits Give You Access To More Doctors

When you have a virtual doctor visit, it doesn't matter where your doctor is located. You'll need a doctor with a license to practice medicine in the state where you live, but the doctor can be located in a different state. This lets you access specialists that would otherwise not be available to you. Plus, you can eliminate the bother and expense of flying or driving a long distance just to talk to the doctor about your condition.