Are Your Medical Gas Outlets Getting Too Old?

14 May 2021
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Medical gas outlets have been around for many decades. They provide easy access to many different types of gas, from life-saving oxygen to the rarer nitrous oxide. The one thing that many of these gasses have in common is that they are accessed through medical gas outlets. These outlets provide almost immediate access to the gasses with very little need for preparation or expertise to use them. This can save crucial seconds and may be the difference in life and death for many people. But are your medical gas outlets in need of replacement? Here are some signs they may be too old.

Stiff While Inserting Adaptor

Trying to access the life-saving gas should not take any time at all, so if you get held up in the process by a particularly stiff medical gas outlet then you should make sure to get it checked out before you need it again. When these outlets become stiff and unresponsive, the problem only gets worse. The best option is to simply replace the outlet rather than try and spend several days fixing it. That can cause the room to be unusable, which costs a lot of time and money for the hospital or medical center.

Non-Complete Seal

With any connection to gas, you need the connection to be absolutely rock-solid. If it is not, then the gas will start to leak, no matter how small the hole is. The best way to tell that the gas is leaking, other than a spike in usage of that particular gas on the monitoring computers, is by listening. Most gas will make some kind of high-pitched squeal or hiss as it is released into the air from a pressurized environment, and that is your way to tell a medical gas outlet needs to be fixed and replaced as soon as possible.


Sometimes medical gas outlets just refuse to work no matter how hard you try. Unlike a light switch or a power outlet, medical gas outlets are not something that comes with an easy fix. There is almost no remedy that is worth your time when replacing outlets is one of the cheaper maintenance procedures you will see at a medical center or hospital. Simply make a note of the unresponsive gas outlet and pass it on to your superiors or someone who works in maintaining the equipment and they will have it replaced in no time.