Three Reasons To See A Chiropractor Before Buying A New Bed

15 November 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Investing a new bed can seem as simple as getting a new mattress and a brand new frame. Beds are where many people spend upwards of eight hours a day. The mattress of the bed will need to be appropriate for your size and frame, plus allow you the rest that you need without problems throughout the night. A medical checkup when you are in the middle of buying a bed is actually something to be considered. Here are a few reasons why you should see a chiropractor before you decide to purchase a new bed. 

Check on your spine alignment

Depending on the state of your past mattress, your spine may have issues. There are also genetic problems or injuries that you may have sustained that can cause your spine to be out of alignment. With a spine out of alignment, laying on a soft, straight mattress may not be what your back needs. Book an appointment with your chiropractor to have an x-ray and examination performed. This can give you information on the alignment of your back and what must be done to repair any spinal problems. 

Go over the bed with your chiropractor

If you are not sure what kind of mattress would feel best for your body, you can go over the choices during your chiropractic appointment. Bring a picture of the bed plus specifications for the mattress and bed types. If you have a spine that needs adjustment, your chiropractor may suggest a moveable bed that allows you to sit up and lay flat depending on the way you feel. If spinal issues run in your family you may need some enhanced bedding that offers mattress memory to aid in keeping your back straight. 

Find out if you need to add more to your bedding

Even if you want to go with a regular mattress, there are things that you can add to your bed in order to make it more comfortable. Egg crate mattresses are soft and will not make the bed too soft. This works well for side or stomach sleepers who need a little soft padding but don't want to sink down into the mattress. If you are getting older and noticing that it is hard to get out of bed, you may want to add a soft headboard with an attached side table to give you something to grip and help you out of bed. 

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