Fixing Common Problems With Your Hearing Aids

24 April 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If you suffer from hearing loss, hearing aids could be an appropriate treatment for you. These devices are designed to amplify sounds around you so as to improve your hearing. Here is a look at common problems that may arise while using hearing aids and how to fix them.

Devices won't produce any sound

The most likely cause for this is simply that your hearing aids aren't turned on, usually because the battery door won't shut completely. To fix this, check if your battery is upside down and flip it to allow the door to close. If the device isn't on with the door shut tight, try inserting a new battery, as the old one could be out of power. A hearing aid battery tester could help confirm that the old battery is dead so you avoid swapping batteries prematurely.

If your hearing aids still won't produce any sound, try testing a different memory setting and turn up the volume. The problem could also be caused by a clogged sound outlet, so clean the microphone and sound ports with a dry cotton swab to remove any earwax and other debris that could be blocking sound.

If none of these fixes solve the problem, the device is probably damaged, and you may need to contact a hearing healthcare professional for repairs.

The most likely culprit for hearing aid damage is exposure to excessive moisture, so be sure to invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier or buy a hearing aid sweatband if heavy perspiration is a concern to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs in the future. You should also remove the batteries on your hearing devices at night to allow them to air out.

Distorted sound

Hearing aids can produce distorted sound if the battery contacts are corroded or clogged with debris. Try opening the battery compartment and wiping the metal prongs that make contact with the battery and check to see if the sound improves. If the contacts are coated with rust, you may need to take them to a hearing center for professional cleaning.

Excessive earwax build-up in tiny spaces and holes could also cause temporary static sounds to be heard when you insert the hearing device. Fix this by cleaning the microphone opening and sound outlet with a dry cloth/cotton swab.

If the above basic troubleshooting tips don't work on your hearing aids, consider taking them to a hearing healthcare professional for advanced examination and repairs. Click here for more information.