4 Benefits Of Using Hormone Replacement Therapy

17 February 2016
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Living with menopause may be a challenge for many women. This is a natural stage of life, but it can bring a series of unwanted symptoms that most ladies prefer to live without daily. One of the most efficient ways of dealing with menopause involves taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is a medication that may be capable of reducing many of the unpleasant symptoms menopausal women face. By knowing the benefits of HRT, this may entice you to try it if you're in the midst of menopause.

Benefit #1: Fewer hot flashes

One of the largest complaints from women going through menopause includes having hot flashes. This can be uncomfortable, and these may strike at any time of the day or night. If you feel a sudden rush of heat through your body, the chances are high that you're experiencing a hot flash.

In fact, studies show 85% of women have hot flashes during this stage. However, taking HRT may be an effective way to minimize these on a regular basis. 

Benefit #2: Better mood

One of the frequent complaints of menopausal women includes being anxious and depressed. These are two negative emotions that can cause your quality of life to deteriorate. The decrease in hormones is the contributing factor for most women dealing with these feelings.

HRT has been shown to help reduce anxiety and to assist menopausal women in combating depression when taken over time.

Benefit #3: Improved sleep

Getting the amount of sleep each night your body needs is imperative to having good health. However, some menopausal women report dealing with insomnia on a regular basis and this can make it challenging to function during the day.

By working to get your hormone levels balanced with the use of HRT, you may be able to rest better nightly. 

Benefit #4: Decreased hair loss

One of the symptoms that typically accompany this life stage is hair loss. The severity of this condition will depend on the woman. However, hair loss can affect the physical look and the mentality of any woman.

Replacing hormones in your body may decrease the possibility of hair loss for you.

The benefits of taking hormones are numerous and typically outweigh the risks. It's ideal if you're going through this stage of life to discuss your symptoms with your medical provider. Taking the time to make an appointment today with your doctor may greatly improve your quality of menopausal life.

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