Making A Parent With Alzheimer's More Comfortable

10 August 2015
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, then a comfortable environment can help your parent's condition to stabilize. Here are some tactics for great Alzheimer's care.

Remove Hazards

The first thing to do is to remove potential safety threats from the environment. Replace the stove/oven with one that has electric burners that don't carry a flame. Hide your car keys if it's unsafe for the person to drive.  

Help them Exercise

If your loved one feels well enough to exercise, this can have therapeutic and health benefits. You may need to start slow and provide some supervision for physical activities. For instance, you can take a walk or do some swimming together.  Swimming in particular can be a great exercise for seniors, since it is easy on the joints and allows you to go at a very moderate pace while still exercising many different muscle groups.

Help Them Maintain Their Hobbies

There's nothing like getting a disease and not being able to engage in your favorite activities anymore. Many Alzheimer's patients still enjoy their favorite hobbies, but they may need a bit of encouragement and help to participate. For instance, you can help a musician by setting up their instrument and music for them, and turning the pages as they play. If your loved one enjoyed dancing, then you can set up some old tunes and dance with them.

Simplifying Medical Care

Medical care can be draining for a patient with Alzheimer's, so you may want to find ways to help them manage medicine and appointments. Home nursing is a great option to help your loved one feel more comfortable during their medical appointments. You can also make the medication process easier by using home care aide to check up on your loved one every day to deliver the right pills.

Considering Nursing Homes

Many patients with Alzheimer will benefit from living in a nursing home, where they can get 24-hour assistance and have a helping hand to guide them through the day. While some patients with Alzheimer's will resist a nursing home, you need to balance the parent's safety with their outward desires.

Nursing homes can be great for Alzheimer's patients, since they will take care of the person's food, medical, and entertainment needs. If you have a job that prevents you from giving this care on a daily basis, then finding an Alzheimer's care provider that you trust can alleviate the burden of making your loved one more comfortable.

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