Factors To Consider Prior To Becoming The Sole Caretaker Of Your Elderly Parent

29 April 2015
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Are you considering taking care for an aging parent? Perhaps you have concerns. You may even have feelings of guilt when it comes to alternatives such as nursing home placement. Taking care of a loved one can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. People who do not take into consideration the effects and demands of assuming the role of full-time caregiver may find themselves overwhelmed and burnt out in the long run. 

Mental Effects

Watching your loved one's health diminish right before your eyes on a daily basis could cause you to become depressed. If you are the sole caretaker, you may find it difficult to seek professional help for your depression due to time constraints. 

There is also a possibility that you will not be able to sleep well at night if you have to get up to provide care. Lack of sleep may cause you to become irritable, mistake prone, and interfere with problem solving. These are serious side effects considering your loved one will rely upon you to take care of them. 

You could minimize these effects by having more than one member of the family participate in care taking responsibilities. Trained healthcare professionals who provide in-home care (like those at ComForcare Home Care - Orange County, NY) are another option for ensuring that your loved one is properly cared for. 

Financial Effects

Perhaps you have paid time off hours at your job, and you plan to use that time to take care of your loved one. Take into consideration what you will do when the hours are all gone.  

Relying on your savings can cause similar issues. Expenses such as preparing meals and getting your loved one to doctor's appointments can add up quickly.

Financial burdens may lead to you having additional mental effects such as anxiety. You could reduce these burdens by opting for in-home care for your loved one during the times that you are scheduled for work. 

Social Effects

Your social life may change drastically if you decide to opt to take care of your loved one alone. At times you may feel isolated, especially if you rarely get visitors. 

You can curb the effects of isolation by inviting others over. You can also benefit from having a senior care agency to relieve you. Use the time to visit friends, or get involved in an activity outside the home. For example, a gym membership would allow you to interact with others, and stay active and healthy.