The Four Benefits Of In-Home Care For Your Elderly Parent

20 March 2015
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If you have an elderly parent who needs full-time care from a professional nurse, you have many different options to consider. For example, you can choose to move your parent to a senior living facility, a nursing home, or have a professional nurse provide in-home care for your senior. In-home care is probably the best option for your elderly parent for these four reasons:

  1. The Comfort of Home: Your elderly parent will not have to move away from their home to receive care. Leaving the comfort of their home can cause emotional issues for your elderly parent and even stress depending on their state of health. Everything that your parent loves will not have to be given up if they stay home. 
  2. Personalized Care: When you move your elderly parent into a care facility, they will have a nurse that is caring for many different patients all at once. If your elderly parent needs help with something, such as taking a shower, then they are going to have to wait until the needs of others are met. When you have a professional nurse providing in-home care, they may have multiple patients, but when they are home with your parent, then your parent is their only concern during that time. This means that your parent's needs are going to be met right away. 
  3. More Independence: When your elderly parent is able to stay home, they are able to retain their same daily schedule, which ensures that they get to keep their sense of independence, as well. The nurse staying with your elderly parent will not interfere with their schedule. For example, if your elderly parent wants to food shop at a certain time, then the nurse will be able to take and help them with this. In a care facility, your parent will have to change their daily routines in order to stick with the schedule that the facility has laid out for all of their patients. 
  4. Family Support: In a care facility, there are usually specific visiting hours for family members. When your parent stays home with in-home care, family can visit at any time. Family can also speak with the nurse directly at any time to go over any concerns they may have. Having this family support can help to make your elderly parent feel more comfortable by having familiar faces around. 

By knowing the main reasons in-home care from companies like ComForcare Home Care - Fort Worth, TX may be best for your parent will ensure that you make the right choice in the long-run for you and your family.