Choosing The Right Wheelchair For Your Needs

12 February 2015
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When you consider how much time you'll be spending in your wheelchair, it's simple to understand why it's so important for you to make sure you choose the best one possible. You want to make sure it's going to offer you the mobility you desire and keep you comfortable. You also want to look for wheelchair accessories that make your life a little easier throughout the day. Keep the following tips in mind when looking for the right wheelchair for your needs:

Learn about the different types of wheelchairs

There are different types of wheelchairs available, and this allows you to find the one that meets your daily needs the most. There are transport wheelchairs that need to be pushed by someone else, electric wheelchairs you move with controls and manual wheelchairs you move with the wheels. The type you choose depends on your mobility, how often you'll be using it and where you'll be using it.

Make sure you get one with a good seat

You need to choose a wheelchair with the right seat. You should fit comfortably in the wheelchair and not feel as if you are sagging down in it, being shoved forward or being too cramped. You want to consider the seat width, height and depth. You should also choose a wheelchair with the appropriate amount of cushioning and adjustments that meet your needs.

Get the correct foot and leg support

You're going to need a wheelchair with the right support for your legs. You can get a wheelchair with a foot rest which only offers support for your feet. You can also go with a leg rest that provides full support for your legs. If you aren't sure which would be best for your needs, you should ask your doctor.

The arm rests should suit your needs

When you are choosing the right wheelchair, you'll see that they come in two styles. You can go with a full arm rest and a short arm rest. The style you go with will depend on your mobility issues and personal preference. The shorter arm rests will make it easier for you to get closer to your desk and tables where the longer arm rests will provide a bit more support.

Look at the extras

Another very important consideration is the features you can choose from. You can get a wheelchair that reclines, has cup holders, has pockets to hold paperwork, assists you with standing and has hand controls. You want to put a lot of thought into the features so you know you are getting a wheelchair that's going to make your daily chores as easy as possible.