Chiropractors Are Preventing Breech Births With The Webster Technique

4 February 2015
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Your Aunt Mildred may have warned you what you might paralyze yourself or risk harming the baby if you dare let anyone adjust your spine while you're pregnant. Aunt Mildred is mistaken. It's a common myth that chiropractic care is dangerous for pregnant women. However, according to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe, it is also beneficial for both the mom and the baby. In particular, chiropractors can use a technique known as the Webster technique to prevent breech birth.

The Risks of Breech Birth

Breech birth is when the baby is birthed buttocks-first instead of head first. It is particularly common in babies who are born prematurely, and presents a risk to both the mother and baby. Since the baby's head is the last part to emerge in this birth position, the baby's oxygen supply during breech birth is often restricted. There is also a chance of the umbilical cord wrapping around the head and strangling the baby. Women who give birth to breech babies are also prone to more extensive vaginal tearing.

In order to mitigate the risks of breech birth, many obstetricians will perform a Cesarean section rather than wait for natural birth if a baby is still in the breech position after 37 weeks of pregnancy. Babies who have not moved into the head-first position by this point are unlikely to turn on their own. Cesarean section, however, presents its own set of risk including wound infection and reactions to anesthesia.  Thus, the best strategy of all is to ensure the baby presents head-first so that the woman can experience a natural, head-first birth. Chiropractors are able to achieve this through the Webster Technique.

How the Webster Technique Assures Normal Birth Position

The Webster Technique is an adjustment technique by which chiropractors establish balance in a woman's pelvis, thus relieving excess stress on the uterus.  It is painless and only takes a few minutes per chiropractic session. This technique has been clinically shown to encourage the fetus to position itself properly in the weeks leading up to birth. Studies have shown an 82% success rate or babies turning face-down when the Webster Technique is used. For best results, women should see their chiropractors regularly throughout pregnancy, since maintaining pelvic balance through the Webster Technique is an ongoing process.

In addition to preventing breech birth through the Webster Technique, regular chiropractic care, such as that from Yaeger Chiropractic, during pregnancy has been linked to less nausea and reduced labor time. Call your chiropractor and make your pregnancy care appointments today. When you give birth naturally to a healthy baby, you'll be glad you took such wise preventative measures.