Breast Cancer 101: Basic Information You Should Know About

22 January 2015
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Breast cancer is the number one most common type of cancer in the United States. As of 2014, there were an estimated 235,000 new cases of breast cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. With such a high number of cases, it is imperative to be educated to the specifics of the disease. 

Below are the most common types of the cancer, ways you can arm yourself with the best preventative cancer strategies, and what sort of cancer treatment to expect if you become diagnosed. 

Types of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is primarily divided by two types: invasive breast cancer, and non-invasive breast cancer.

Invasive breast cancer can spread beyond the breast, and is most commonly developed in the ducts of the breasts, and will typically produce a largish bump that can be felt. Non-invasive develops in the same place, but doesn't usually have an easily identifiable bump through tactile inspection; the most successful way of detecting this form of breast cancer is through a mammogram. 

Best Ways To Prevent It

While not conclusive, studies have shown that women who engage in regular exercise, limit their alcohol intake, and keep their weight at a healthy level are less prone to developing this type of cancer. The risk of developing breast cancer increases for women who have gone through menopause and are overweight.

Additionally, women who breastfeed have a higher likelihood of preventing breast cancer. Finally, if you are at high risk, either through diet and weight, or by family history, there are specific medications and treatments available that your doctor can help you with. 

Types of Treatment Available

While breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, the good news is that it is one of the most treatable as well. If detected early enough, the chance of successfully surviving breast cancer increases dramatically, particularly if the cancer is found before it has developed the ability to spread to other parts of the body. This is why self-breast exams are so critical, as individuals can detect the potential presence of cancer long before other symptoms would become apparent. 

Once the cancer has been diagnosed, the most common form of treatment begins with surgery to try and remove as much of the cancer as possible. Following this surgery, doctors will typically recommend a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, with specifics depending on severity and type of the cancer.

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