5 Menopausal Symptoms That Bio-Identical Hormones May Relieve

29 December 2014
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If you are a middle-aged woman, you may soon experience menopause. This is also referred to as a change of life and will cause your entire body to go through numerous changes. It is ideal to be prepared for this stage of life in advance by knowing the various symptoms that will accompany it. Any woman who is experiencing severe problems with menopause should consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to get relief.

Symptom #1: Hot flashes

Women going through menopause often complain about being hot. Hot flashes occur suddenly and can cause the body to feel flushed and warm to the touch. These may occur multiple times a day and decrease the quality of life for the menopausal woman.

Bio-identical hormones are the most natural type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and can help reduce or eliminate hot flashes and other unwanted symptoms of menopause.

Symptom #2: Moodiness

If you wake up in a good mood and feel frustrated by noon and downright irritated by dinner, this may be a symptom of menopause. The fluctuation of hormones as your female body is changing can cause severe bouts of moodiness. This can interfere with your daily life and may affect your relationship with others around you, so it is important to consider taking HRT for some relief.

Symptom #3: Insomnia

Are you having difficulty getting to sleep? If so, this could be due to menopause, and you may want to talk to your healthcare provider about how HRT can help this issues. It is important to get the adequate amount of sleep each night.

Symptom #4: Low sex drive

Is sex one of the last things on your mind? The decrease in hormones that you are experiencing can impact your desire to have sexual intimacy. It is ideal to rely on bio-identical hormones to help stabilize your hormones and allow you to want to engage in sexual activity.

Symptom #5: Fatigue

Being tired most of the time is simply no fun. The hormonal imbalance of your menopausal body can make you feel fatigued easily.

This symptom may be reduced by taking HRT and allow you to want to engage in more daily activities.

Finally, dealing with menopause can be a challenge for you. It is ideal to consult with your medical provider to discuss the benefits of taking bio-identical hormones to help you get your life back on track during menopause.