Great Debate - Family Practitioner Or Pediatrician?

29 December 2016
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Having children means you have another life to take care of, which means you will need to consider the healthcare for your children. There are two main types of primary care physicians available to you, family physicians and primary care physicians. The physician types offer different services for you and your child, so you want to evaluate the differences to decide which is a better option for your family. Pediatrician Read More 

Basic Funeral Etiquette

14 December 2016
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Funerals are difficult for many people, especially if you have never been to one. Knowing what is expected and making sure you don't offend the grieving family is paramount. The following guide can help you better navigate your first funeral. What should you wear? Traditionally, black and dark grey were the only suitable colors for a funeral, but in modern times there are sometimes specific requests put forth by the family or even in the deceased's final wishes. Read More 

When Can You Have Breast-Reconstruction Surgery Done?

28 November 2016
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After you have had a mastectomy and are either beginning radiation or getting to the completion of it, you might be wondering when you can have breast-reconstruction surgery. The answer really depends on your situation and what your doctor feels is best for your recovery. There are some options open to you, however. During the Mastectomy Surgery It may be possible to have breast-reconstruction surgery at the same time as the surgery to remove the breast. Read More 

Things To Consider When Deciding Between A Preventative Mastectomy Or Tamoxifen Therapy

7 November 2016
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Some women have a very high risk of developing breast cancer within their lifetime. For example, a woman with a mutation in the BRCA1 gene has a 55 to 65 percent chance of developing breast cancer by the time she turns 70 and one with a mutation in the BRCA2 gene has a 45 to 47 percent risk. This is much greater than the 12 percent risk of the average American woman developing this disease. Read More 

Wondering About Surgery For Your Back Pain? Different Options For Your Condition

24 October 2016
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No matter what the cause of your back pain, it can change many things in your life. Your physical activity may be limited, you may be unable to sleep well, and walking, sitting, or standing may be uncomfortable. Any one of these can also affect you mental and emotional states. It may change your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. If you have tried all the different medications and exercises recommended by your orthopedic doctor with no results, it is probably time to consider having surgery. Read More