Staying On-Budget At The Dispensary

23 May 2022
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Marijuana dispensaries carry a lot of cool products. Whether you're a new medical card holder or you've had your card for a while, it can be hard to go to the dispensary and not spend more than you intended. All of the edibles and new flavors of vape cartridges just look so good! However, if you need to stick to a budget in the dispensary, there are ways to keep costs down, such as the following.

Ask about shake.

Shake is the pieces of cannabis flower that fall off when the flower is being trimmed or prepped for display. There is nothing wrong with these bits, and they are totally smokable. They're not just very aesthetic as they're no longer connected to big buds. As such, you can usually get shake for a lot less than you would pay for mid or top-quality flowers. Buying shake could be a good way to save if you need a certain amount of smoking material but don't have a lot to spend at the time. Shake is also perfect if you plan on extracting your cannabis into oil and baking with it.

See what pre-rolls are on sale.

Pre-rolled joints make it really convenient to smoke. You don't have to worry about buying papers or spending the time to roll. But since they do not stay fresh for very long, dispensaries sometimes mark them down when they are approaching the end of their shelf life. You may be able to get a pre-roll that was rolled a couple of days ago at a deeply discounted price, and it will still be awesome if you smoke it in the next few days.

Buy larger vape cartridges.

Smaller vape cartridges, such as 0.5-gram cartridges, tend to come at a lower cost per unit than larger cartridges. If you don't have enough for a large cartridge, then you should certainly buy a small one. But if you can afford the larger one, it tends to be the better buy overall. Often, the larger cartridges are sold at a smaller price per unit volume. So, you'll spend less buying a single 1-gram cartridge as opposed to two 0.5-gram cartridges.

Visiting the dispensary does not have to mean emptying your wallet. If you're on a tight budget, sticking to the tips above can help you get the cannabis you need at a more affordable price.

For more tips, contact a marijuana pharmacy in your area such as Frontier Medicine, LLC.