How Birth Control Helps Families And Their Teen Daughters

30 October 2020
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Raising teenage children is never an easy process and is something that can be very challenging and upsetting for many parents. This factor is particularly true for parents of girls because they run the risk of getting pregnant and ending up changing their life forever. Thankfully, open and honest discussions about birth control can help avoid this situation.

Sex Rates in the Teen Population Remain High

Although it is true that high school sex rates have decreased heavily in recent years, they still remain high – nearly 42 percent of all high school students report having sex. This rate means that parents of a teen girl have nearly a 50/50 chance to discover that their daughter is having sex. And then coming to the startling conclusion that they have a new grandchild waiting to be born.

Unfortunately, teen pregnancy can be a life-changing situation that may make it very hard for a young girl to get her life to the point where she wants. Even if she attends school, gets to college, and works hard, she still has a child that must take precedence in her life. Therefore, it is critical for parents of a sexually-active girl or one who may become active to find birth control for her needs.

Choosing the Best Type of Birth Control

Parents trying to protect their daughter from early pregnancy need to find a birth control method that works the best for her needs. Typically, there are many types of medications that she can take that will make it nearly impossible for her to get pregnant. Combined with devices used during the sex act — such as condoms — this helps to decrease her risk as much as possible.

However, there are also options like Plan B and various types of inter-body methods that work to protect a teenage girl during sex and keep her safe. Parents must talk openly and honestly with her about this situation and listen to what she has to say about what type she thinks would work the best for her. Even though it may be hard, it is crucial as a way of keeping her safe and healthy.

Critically, parents and the teen need to talk to her doctor to make sure that she is healthy and prepared for such activity. Though admitting that a teen girl is going to start having sex soon is very difficult for most parents, it is an inevitability that must be prepared for as a family and reasonably discussed. Doing so helps to make it easier to find birth control plans that work.

For more information on birth control, reach out to a resource like Western Branch Center for Women.