Questions To Ask Before Heading In For Surgery

27 July 2018
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

Before deciding whether or not to have that operation your doctor has suggested, there are a few important questions you should be asking them. Following are just three important questions anyone should ask their doctor before heading in for surgery.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Just because your doctor recommends a specific type of surgery to you doesn't mean that it is the only option to choose from. Ask your doctor whether there are any alternative options to explore together before making a commitment to having surgery. Ask for a list of alternative options and basic explanations of each one.

Then narrow the list down to one or two alternatives you'd like to seriously consider before having surgery. Your doctor can provide you with a deeper understanding of those options, so you understand all the benefits and risks of each. And then together, you can make a decision about whether having an operation is your best bet or if another option should be chosen instead.

What are the Anesthesia Options?

Depending on the type of operation you are considering having and the practices your doctor prefers to follow, there may be a variety of anesthesia options available to you. It's important to understand all of the options so you know what the possible risks are and how you can expect to feel when the anesthesia starts to wear off. Some of the options that might be available to you include:

  1. Regional Anesthesia – A large area of the body is typically anesthetized, but consciousness is maintained. For example, an epidural could be used for some orthopedic surgeries.

  2. General Anesthesia – The entire body is anesthetized, bringing the patient to unconsciousness for the duration of the operation.

  3. Sedation Anesthesia – Pain medication is used to minimize pain during minor operations, so patients can still feel and provide feedback.

Other options may also be available through your doctor. Make sure you thoroughly understand each one before agreeing to undergo any specific type of anesthesia.

What Will the Effects of Recovery Be?

It's also a good idea to ask your doctor whether there are any effects of recovery that you should look out for. For instance, the medication you take or the extent of recovery you face may result in mild depression or the need for physical therapy. You need to know about these things beforehand, so you can plan accordingly and minimize any inconvenience these effects have on your life as you recover from surgery. And your doctor should be able to provide you with recovery tips that help reduce the risk of any unwanted side effects. 

For more information on surgical procedures, contact your preferred medical office.