Is Tendinitis Throwing Your Baseball Game out of Whack? Consider Stem Cell Injections

29 March 2018
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Baseball pitchers often have lengthy careers that span across several minor leagues before reaching the majors. If you are building a career and think you can make the big leagues, getting tendinitis can be a major issue. Thankfully, treating it with stem cell treatments can help to make it better.

Tendinitis Can Derail a Professional Baseball Career

Tendinitis occurs when a tendon in your body gets damaged. For baseball pitchers, that issue is likely to start showing up in their elbow. Tendinitis causes serious pain, tenderness, and swelling that can make it difficult to pitch. As a result, they may start losing games or even sitting out for extended periods.

Pitchers who are trying to rise up to the major leagues have to show off their good stuff to scouts in order to succeed. They can't let tendinitis or any other issue destroy their career. As a result, it is imperative to research effective treatments, such as stem cell therapy, for issues such as these.

Stem Cell Treatment Can Help

Stem cell injections are currently being used to treat a wide variety of issues. One of the most popular is pain management. They are particularly useful for conditions like tendinitis because they can stimulate the growth of new nerve and muscle cells.

While baseball pitchers can get conservative pain treatments that help manage some of the pain of tendinitis, stem cell injections are among the quickest and most effective. As a result, it is a good idea for these athletes to find a way to get their health insurance to cover these treatments.

Making Sure Insurance Covers It

Minor league pitchers who want to stem cell treatment for this pain may be able to get it paid for by their insurance. They are almost always paid for when you receive them in conjunction with surgery. Getting surgical treatment for tendinitis can help to calm many of the symptoms, and stem cells can provide you with serious pain relief.

However, you may have to pay for this procedure without insurance, unless your physician states that it is medically necessary to receive these treatments. Your doctor may be able to talk directly to the insurance company to convince them of the benefits.

Stem cell injections can be a very powerful way of managing the pain of tendinitis in a constructive way. So don't hesitate to talk to a professional near you about this treatment method.