3 Tips That Will Help You Secure Your Next Nursing Job

9 February 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If you are looking for a new nursing job, here are three tips that will help increase the chance that you get the nursing job that you are hoping for. 

#1 Put Your Nursing License Number On Your Application

There are a lot of sites that are telling you to refrain from putting your nursing license number on your application in order to protect yourself from identity theft. However, this is not good advice if you really want to secure a job.

Many health care human resource professionals will check your license number before they even call to offer you an interview. They want to make sure that your license is authentic, and they want to make sure that no negative action has been taken against your nursing license. 

You may not want to put your nursing license number on your resume, but you should put it on your job application, especially if the application asks for your licensing number. When you submit your application via an online job portal, they take security steps to protect your information. 

#2 Don't Hide Your GPA

Many job sites will tell you that you shouldn't put your GPA on your resume. However, putting your GPA on your resume is not going to hurt your job search. If you are just out of school, putting your GPA on your resume can be especially vital. 

If you have a strong GPA, it can convey to a potential employer that you were a strong student and have done well in your studies and your clinical rotations. It will help demonstrate that you have been a strong candidate since you were in school. Your strong GPA will help show that you are competent and have the knowledge needed to excel at your job.  

#3 Allow Your Resume To Reflect Your Experience

Many people try to stick to the one-page resume rule. That is okay if you just finished school and have a limited amount of professional experience. 

However, as you go through your career and increase your professional experience, skills, and knowledge, it is okay to exceed the one-page resume rule. When you set up your resume, make sure that you include all of your training and experience.

Make sure that your resume includes key words that nursing employers are looking for, such as specific types of training and experience. Many companies employ software that scans for key words related to the job posting in question to assist with sorting through all the applications. For example, if you are applying for a nursing job in a neo-natal care unit, you would want to include all training and experience you have in that area of nursing, including any courses that you may have taken. 

If you really want to land that nursing job, make sure that your resume includes all relevant experience and training, highlights your achievements including your GPA, and includes your license number. Doing these three things will help your resume stand out from the other applications. 

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